视频标题:Passion Over Views ( Without music )

视频简介:[ I made a mistake while rendering this video, switching off the music..

I decided to keep both versions so people can see it with or without music =)

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Big thanks for all the support !!!

I love the support people can give, by reacting to my work, sharing, commenting, giving money on Tipeee and so on 法国跑酷运动员Samuel Govindin 2019第一人称视角跑酷-跑酷街 ! But this is not the main purpose of my moves and my work !

Nowadays we are more and more people jumping around and doing Parkour videos.

Valuing quantity and frequency over the quality of our work !

Most of us are influenced by the social networks we are using and their algorithms.

They push us to produce as much content as possible to get the audience we actually deserve... but mostly in order to share more advertising through our work..

The goal is not only progressing, knowing yourself better or gaining confidence but also getting more views, more likes and more followers..

It feels like Parkour's purpose is shifting from personal artistic development to.. more money and more fame !

I hope we won't get lost on the way !

I hope most of us will keep this passion and love for this beautiful discipline !

I hope we will keep this childish and playful attitude.

I hope we will keep sharing amazing moments and strong values.

Don't sell your soul =)

..This is also a reminder to myself !

Respect, Love and Passion over Money, Fame and Views !